Burn With Passion for Life by Accessing Divine Love


If you show yourself kindness and mercy, and are easy on yourself, you will find it is easier to work towards what you want. It is an important part of any spiritual journey to put focus on your desires with passion. When you can find your passion for life, and allow it to flow in a never ending stream, you will have found the Divine in you.

For Divine love is an all encompassing passion, power and strength. When you set your life on fire you burn with desire and passion. Not lust, envy, jealousy and greed but with Divine passion and Divine desire.

Within Divine desire there is wisdom and understanding.

Within Divine passion there is strength and vision.

This is how to live your life on purpose. This how to live without regret, guilt and shame, to live in the light of the Divine.

You will never receive all your desires if you hold yourself back and think you are not worthy. If you feel it is not the right time, or you begrudge others and yearn and long for what they have. If your passion is directed in this way you do yourself a great disservice, for you must find your own joy.

You cannot live your life based on the happiness of others. You must find happiness for yourself.

If your life is lacking joy and passion it makes your desires weak and ineffectual. You will always be walking towards them, never reaching them. They will always be just out of your grasp. The more you crave others dreams and goals Implementing Positive Emotions the more yours will slip away.

If your life seems empty and joyless are you prepared to change?

Are you prepared to fight for your life?

Are you prepared to allow your passion to rise?

The angels offer you a way to move from stagnation, regret, remorse and guilt to one of hope, trust and faith. How in finding your passion and joy, you establish a life filled with all you need and require.

They can teach you to feel the powerful presence of Divine love in your life, to feel it moment by moment. To recognize how to access it whenever you need to.

This beautiful powerful energy can never be distorted or used for anything but good and love, it is not possible.

This power allows you to command energy in any way you choose. But it does not always mean in terms of manifesting money, relationships, etc. It is about being able to manifest happiness, grace, joy and Divine love. To be able to be of service, because from the perspective of the angels this is creative power.

When you feel loved, comforted and supported you can move forward in trust and peace. You have a solid foundation from which you can expand into a world of new and exciting possibilities.

So why not start today by looking for your joy, your hope, your passion that is within your life moment by moment. If you begin one step at a time you fill find gradually that within this passion, hope, and happiness you will find freedom.


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