Colored Contact Lenses – Transform Your World


When contact lenses were first released to the masses, their sole purpose was to correct vision. In the last few years however, manufacturers have been targeting our vanity and are constantly developing their cosmetic range of contact lenses. These lenses have the power to change the way you look, sort of speak, in a matter of seconds by primarily changing the color of your eyes. There are several so-called cosmetic contact lenses that are manufactured by a few companies available on the market today. The end product is not too drastic and more importantly, fairly natural still. This however depends heavily on the type of lenses, whether they are opaque or translucent, that you choose, the color of your eyes and the color density of the lens that you end up choosing. The two leading manufacturers in the field today are “Ciba Vision” and “Acuvue”.

gray contacts lenses are soft and are manufactured so that they completely cover the cornea. Soft lenses are also made up of between 40% to 80% water and the reason why they are so comfortable to wear is primarily because they allow oxygen to pass through thus letting your eyes ‘breath”.

Unless you suffer from a severe vision deficiency, you should still be able to get colored contacts even if you need vision correction. According to manufacturers, the degree of correction can vary from – 6 to – 8. One draw back with soft lenses is that they are mainly for daily use and should be removed after a period of time, cleaned and stored appropriately. They are also only meant to last you for around a month and tossed out after that time and replaced with a new pair. The price range is generally around $30.00 the pair to use for a month. However, you can expect to pay up to three times that amount if you suffer from Astigmatism and can end up being a costly exercise.

Opaque and translucent lenses

Colored contacts lenses come in either translucent or opaque versions. Translucent versions give a more natural transformation because the colors are generally more mild and let the original color of your eyes come through. People with light eyes are normally more suited to the translucent versions. available colors range from blue to turquoise and many shades in between.

For dark eyes or for a more radical and intense color change, opaque lenses are the go. Again, the colors may vary according to the manufacturer that makes them but you can generally find them in blue, green, gray, honey, blue Caribbean, Pacific Blue or Green Lagoon. Opaque lenses totally cover the original color which results in a very radical change and more often than not, the colors offered are often too “loud” to look natural. However, if you want to make a real statement, then they will fit the bill perfectly.

Colored lenses to have fun with

A few years ago, new models of color lenses were introduced. These were manufactured by “Ciba Vision” and are designed to have fun with. They are not meant to correct vision and can make your eyes look totally “out there”. They come in a wide variety of colors and designs including Red Hot, Cats Eyes, Snake Eyes, Zombie and White out just to name a few. They can be great for that special occasion like Halloween or a fancy dress party.

Facts about colored contact lenses

Colored contact lenses also provide complete protection for your eyes against UV rays. They can also be custom manufactured for most visual defects with very good results



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