Magazine Article Writer – 4 Tips For Hiring A Quality Writer For Your Publication

Magazine Article Writer – 4 Tips For Hiring A Quality Writer For Your Publication

Read and apply these 4 tips for hiring a quality writer for your publication and you’ll be amazed at the speed at which you achieve your business goals for the magazine, as a magazine article writer who can deliver on these key elements can help you break into untapped market potential!

Remember, you need to stop thinking simply like an editor and start thinking like a businessman for hiring a quality writer for your magazine and benefiting from the process.

You need to understand and apply proven sales psychology for improving readership, subscription, sales and advertising revenue besides getting a reliable professional on your team!!

Begin your hiring process for a magazine article writer to increase magazine sales by doing the following:

Step 1: Think like a gaming developer or Native American and choose a writer who can do so too

Well, I don’t mean devise software programs for making teens go ballistic about your new magazine via games or walk around with war paint on, but simply that both groups believe in putting themselves in the shoes of the other person they are considering a continuing relation with.

Gaming developers will test a platform for kids to verify user interest and ease of playing while Native Americans will not pass judgment till they’ve walked a mile in their moccasins.

So, step into your reader’s shoes for a moment and think about what they expect to find in your magazine. Check the feedback or letters from readers’ sections, your magazine blog etc. for reader comments. Aim at providing articles in your magazine’s next issue about topics they are looking for information on. Confirm with your writer if they find it easy and inspiring to work in a similar style as well for ideating new articles.

Step 2: Pick a writer with a global perspective instead of regional knowledge

Writers who have regularly created original, high quality articles for national or global publications are better bets for a magazine that targets a global readership rather than someone who writes occasionally for a regional newspaper or regional magazine.

Those writers with experience in writing magazine articles for global publications, be it web or print, are sure to have a deeper and current insight into changing trends, new interests and strategies on a worldwide scale and can provide contemporary style articles on an ongoing basis. This helps improve the odds for increasing readership across diverse segments.

Step 3: A consumer magazine will require a writer that can think like a consumer

The typical consumer wants to save money, has little time to do so and seeks quick if not instant gratification for needs being met via their chosen magazine. So if your magazine is targeted at specific consumers, pick a writer who can stick to editorial guidelines, provides informative copy and can assure readers of great take-away value – in short, a writer who thinks like your reader.

Step 4: Discuss your sponsors and competitors with your writer

When you think of hiring a good magazine article writer, discuss your sponsors, advertisers, and competitors with your writer to determine his or her knowledge of your niche market.

A professional, experienced writer who can provide accurate and articulate information about these factors will be able to help you bridge any gap in readership, sponsorship and competitor publication advantages to help enhance your current offerings and deliver more bang for the writing buck!


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