National Endowment For The Humanities: National Digital Newspaper Program


The National Endowment for the Humanities, also known as NEH, is the US federal government’s independent agency which was established under the National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities Act of 1965.

Currently, NEH is primarily liable for supporting research studies, education opportunities, preservation, and public programs in field of humanities.

In line with its agency objectives, NEH has recently established a funding opportunity entitled the National Digital wallpaper cool Program (NDNP).

The goal of the National Digital Newspaper Program is to crate a national digital resource of historically significant newspapers published between the years 1836 and 1922, from all of the States and its territories.

For the National Digital Newspaper Program, NEH will collaborate with the Library of Congress, where they will work effectively towards making the digitized resources a searchable database and become freely accessible through the internet.

Every participating state shall be awarded funds to assist them in the National Digital Newspaper Program, provided that sufficient funds will be allocated for these projects and that the states will not include activities that are not within the scope of the program, including:

a) the digitization of serials that do not effectively fit the definition of newspaper used by the Library of Congress, as well as the digitization of serials that are not identified as newspapers in associated CONSER bibliographic records

b) the digitization of newspapers that were published outside the 1836-1922 chronological span

c) the expenses of improving the digital corpus of newspapers developed by National Digital Newspaper Program for incorporation into other databases

d) the costs of a local access interface at the awardee institution.

The National Endowment for the Humanities is set to enter into cooperative agreements of up to $400,000 per awardee, for over a two-year period.

To find out more about the National Digital Newspaper Program, visit or go to the website.

The following institutions will all be deemed permitted to make an application for this program:

a) Higher Education Institutions, either public/state controlled or private

b) Profit and Nonprofit organizations such as small enterprises

c) local governments with the US and its territories and possessions

d) independent school districts

e) Public Housing Authorities/Indian Housing Authorities

f) Native American Tribal Organizations (other than Federally recognized tribal governments)

g) Faith-based or Community-based Organizations

h) Regional Organizations

The National Endowment for the Humanities, the primary agency funding the National Digital Newspaper Program, is one of the country’s leading independent grant-making agencies that is dedicated to supporting research, education, preservation and public programs in the field of humanities.



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