Start Your Own Sword Collection

Start Your Own Sword Collection

Why collect swords?

Are you interested in world history? Or are you an avid fan of fantasy fiction? In either case, you are probably fascinated and intrigued by swords. Maybe you have thought about collecting swords as well. If you have, then it is time to start your collection; collecting yamato sword is a great way to learn more about world history, or to build on your interest in fantasy fiction. But before you start building your collection you should take the time to give yourself a sound basic knowledge of the field in order to avoid getting scammed by an unscrupulous internet dealer.

What kind of swords should you collect?

Sword collectors primarily fall into two camps: collectors of historical swords, and collectors of fantasy swords.

People have been making swords since at least 2000 B.C.E. Obviously, since swords have been in existence since the Bronze Age, collecting historical swords opens you up to an almost unlimited number of historical periods. Of course, despite the wide range of swords available to the collector, a few historical periods have become particularly popular among collectors. The most popular category is medieval swords such as long swords or broad swords. Another popular category is Japanese samurai or katana swords. When you are dealing with historical swords it is important to keep in mind whether you are dealing with actual antiques or replicas. Of course, for some collectors a well made replica would be a wonderful addition to their collection. Nonetheless, you will still be disappointed if you buy a replica thinking you were purchasing an actual antique.

The other important category for sword collectors is fantasy swords. These weapons are based on works of fantasy fiction, such as the Lord of the Rings. They usually involve dragons, elves or other similar motifs. A subset of fantasy swords is futuristic swords.

How should you care for your swords?

If you can afford it, the best thing that you can do to keep your sword collection in perfect condition is to put your swords in a display case where you can control the humidity and temperature. This is not a realistic option for most people, however. At any rate, as long as you are not living in an area with high humidity, your swords will be fine mounted on a wall.

The primary risk to your sword collection is rust. Luckily, there are some simple steps that you can take to make sure that your collection stays in perfect condition. The first step is to make sure that nobody ever touches the blades on your swords. There is of course an obvious safety issue involved in preventing people from touching your blades; but besides that, the oil and salt on people’s hands can eat away at the metal on your swords. If your sword is ever touched, be sure to wipe it down afterwards. In any event, you can help preserve your blades from rust by wiping them down periodically with a non-organic oil.


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