Top 4 Pro Tips For Choosing Between Traditional And Online Certifications Of Yoga Teacher Training

Top 4 Pro Tips For Choosing Between Traditional And Online Certifications Of Yoga Teacher Training

When training to choose yoga as a career you have to consider many vital factors. The most important of these factors is the foundation of your yoga teacher training. The face of yoga training has changed vitally over the years. Where once you had no option but to learn under a guru in treacherous climates for more than 15-20 years, the tradition has now come down to one month to six months’ worth of training under reputed studios. The traditional route of yoga training is not the only one available for eminent yoga teachers. With the advent of technological tools such as web 2.0 and yoga websites, you can also consider online teacher training for your yoga career. However, each of these routes has their own advantages and disadvantages. Here are the 4 major tips from a professional point of view, when choosing your training option.

Intensity of training

While both the traditional and online training have their advantages, they differ greatly in the intensity of training that you can acquire. For some people, online training just does not prove to be as effective because they need an interactive session with a teacher to understand the efficacies of an asana. With online training you will also find it difficult to understand the various levels of a pose, how to make it more challenging or reduce its level for new students. These kinds of information are vital to a thorough teacher training.

Point of beginning

Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate or an advanced level student before you start training to become a yoga teacher, it will play a huge role in the kind of training that best suits your interest. For instance, at a fairly beginner level, online training might confuse you or you might find it too complex to keep up with it. However, at an advanced level, you might find various online training not only interactive but also a lesson in how to run your own practice once you get going with Yoga as a career.

Authenticity of certification

The very important draw towards your Yoga TTC in Rishikesh is the final certification awarded at the completion of the course. Without an authentic certification, you efforts will all have gone to vain. The certificate is your draw to finding new clients, starting a business or being appointed at established studios in the successful locations. Before registering with any course, always check their affiliation with the IYF (International Yoga Federation).

Access to locations

The final consideration for yoga training sources is the access to the various expert institutes. In some cases, while you might like a certain institute for their advanced training opportunities and excellent tutelage, you might find it hard to relocate to their area. In such a scenario, online training option from the same institute can help you avail the same level of certification, without worrying about your current location.

At any given point, it is necessary to interact with your teacher before you start on the course. You will need to be comfortable with the guru, familiar with their credibility and credentials and responsive to them, to complete a successful and through training process.


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