Truth About a Sports Massage


Deep tissue massage and sports massage are both high intensity therapies. High intensity, meaning, there is greater pressure and faster speed of strokes. Most bodyworks clinics in Largo offer these two techniques. Deep tissue massage uses greater pressure, while the sports massage makes use of fast and short strokes.

Deep tissue massage is specifically designed to target deeper layers of our muscles as well as the ligaments and tendons. This technique is considered an alternative medical treatment that is corrective and therapeutic. It uses two methods-direct or indirect and is effective in releasing deeply-held patterns of tension, removing toxins, relaxing and soothing muscles. According to a massage therapist from Belleair, methods used on patients depend on their specific conditions.

The direct method of deep tissue massage neck pain exmouth applies pressure to the muscle with the intention of finding resistance in the body, and maintaining the pressure until the resistance is released. The indirect method moves in the opposite direction of the resistance-otherwise known as the friction stroke. Some people may find deep tissue massages a bit uncomfortable and this is all but normal. This bodywork therapy uses with the idea of resistance and friction which can lead to some degree of soreness after the session. But if you’re target is to attain relief from deeply embedded toxins, this is the massage to ask for.

On the other hand, sports massage is more of a pre-performance therapy. This massage aims to prepare the muscles for either long period of use (e.g. marathons) or intensive use (e.g. weight lifting). It uses fast vibrating and tapotement strokes, allowing more blood and oxygen to run through the muscles. Some stretching techniques are also integrated in the sports massage. According to one massage clinic in Largo, most athletes employ the help of a therapist during games and competitions and get sports massages 10 to 15 minutes before a game.

Although there is still some debate with regards to a sports massage’s capacity to reduce injuries, its positive effects on muscle performance and endurance has undergone plenty of scientific studies. A study performed in the United Kingdom looked at the effects of lower limb compression tights and sports massage on the symptoms of exercise-induced muscle damage in women. Results indicated that the combination of compression and massage showed notable improvements in terms of perceived muscle soreness.

Studies on gaining a greater range of motion have also indicated that slow, circular friction stokes which are used in sports massages effectively stretches the musculotendinous junction of muscles; giving us increased flexibility. Treating chronically tight muscles with this technique will definitely yield positive results for any professional athlete.


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