Yoga Exercises Are Very Beneficial For Good Health

Yoga is one of the most effective healing systems in theory and in practice. It basically combines several different breathing exercises with meditation. Yoga has been practiced for more than 5000 years. What is unique about these yoga exercises is that they can be practiced by anyone, regardless of caste, creed, age, color or religion.

Yoga Exercises Act as an Alternative Medicine Self-discovery exercises are beneficial for calming and relaxing the nervous system as well as for balancing the mind, spirit, and body. It is believed that the constant and regimented practice of yoga can be an immense help in treating or curbing many medical ailments. It is observed by medical practitioners all over the world, that people, who perform yoga daily have lower blood pressure, improved flexibility, better sleep, better concentration, better coordination and an improved digestion.

In fact, yoga has also been seen to reduce stress levels drastically. It is surprising to learn that yoga is also used as a supplementary therapy for curing such diverse conditions as cancer, asthma, AIDS and diabetes.

The therapeutic qualities of yoga are not restricted to these ailments alone. There are other areas where yoga has been found to be helpful and relieving. Medical problems like acidity, anemia, arthritis, Alzheimer disease, allergies, skin problems, menopause, facial wrinkles, menstrual cramps, depression, hypertension, blood pressures, obesity, stress, insomnia and many others can all be treated by yoga.

Restorative yoga It is associated with the healing of various diseases. Restorative yoga is practiced in a relaxed states via the use of supports in lieu of the muscular tension for maintaining the alignments of the pose. Restorative yoga aids in relieving the chronic stress that effects us in a lot of different ways.

– Proper use provides an absolutely different atmosphere for complete relaxation.

– Every restorative sequence is basically designed to move the spine in every direction.

– If the restorative practice is well sequenced, it also incorporates the inverted poses that reverse the gravity effects. It helps in enhancing the heart function to a great extent.

– It soothes and stimulates the organs of the body alternately.

Advantages of doing yoga exercises:

1. It boosts the physical strength, flexibility and stamina.
2. It enhances self control and concentration power.
3. It helps in improving the blood circulation that makes the skin healthy and glowing.
4. It inculcates the impulse control.
5. It lowers the stress levels and relaxes the entire body.
6. Immune system is enhanced to a great extent.
7. It imparts a positive outlook towards life.
8. It brings internal peace and harmony.
9. The overall functioning of the organs is improved.
10. There is intensification of mental clarity and pain tolerance.

Various poses of yoga and breathing Breathing is one of the most important parts of yoga exercises. This is the way one inhales and exhales during various yoga poses. Generally, yoga poses include standing poses, inversions, the restorative and relaxation poses, counter poses, twists, balancing poses, as well as forward and backward bends.


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